The Church of the Ascension

An Anglican/Episcopalian community

11201 SW 160th St.
Miami, Florida 33157
(305) 238-5151
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Ascensions' Soup Kitchen Ministry

“Nourishing the Needy”

soup kitchen prep work

Outreach is an integral part of our church’s mission and one of the ways we do it is by providing a nourishing meal to needy citizens in the community.

The ministry started in 1994 when 3ea. members of the Affirmative Aging Ministry, namely, Rev. Deacon Miriam Prat, Grace Sargeant and Helen Carr, launched a feeding program to cook and distribute soup to people in need. Many more church members are helping now and the distribution is up to approximately 100ea. servings each Friday.

soup kitchen staffFeeding the hungry is such a vital endeavor. Jesus tells us that the poor will always be among us. He says: ‘Feed my sheep’. The church is seeking ways to expand the feeding program and would be grateful for all the help it can get.